Outdoor Areas

The cats have access to several acres of outdoor areas with woods, meadows, and trails. They can run and play, climb trees, hunt bugs, etc. during the day. All cats are brought inside at night. Cats can come indoors at any time during the day should the weather take a turn for the worse.

Mollie and Sidney on the hillside
Cheeto in a tree
Cheeto in a tree in the woods outside of the big cat cabin
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Coal posing on the woodpile
Nelson hiding in the ivy
Emory on the hillside
Sam on a trail in the woods
Mollie scratching


Cat fence

Our fences are seven feet high, and are constructed of five feet of chicken wire topped by two feet of plastic mesh.

We have several fenced in areas so that cats who don't get along with each other and cats with health issues do not come into contact with each other when they are outside.
Cloud by the fence in the clearing