Cat Cabins

The majority of our cats live in three "cat cabins" located in the woods behind our house. They are commercially built wooden cabins that we have modified to accommodate the preferences of our cats.  Each cabin is named after its longest-term resident.

Nelson's Cabin

Nelson's Cabin is the first cat cabin we built, and it is also the smallest. It is currently used to house our FIV positive cats

Mikey's Place
Mikey's Place houses cats who have tested positive for Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV).
Ginger's House
Ginger's House is our largest cabin, and houses cats who do not have communicable conditions.
All three cabins have large porches that we "catified" by adding wide railings for the cats to sit on and by enclosing the porches in chicken wire so the cats can not get out and other critters can not get in.