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We are always in need of sponsors for our cats. Full sponsorship is $25 per month, and covers food, litter, annual vet visits and shots, and monthly flea/tick preventative for one cat. Partial sponsorships are accepted and appreciated. A cat can have more than one sponsor. When you sponsor a cat you can choose to have your name posted with the cat’s photo and description on our sponsorship page.We will also send you updates and photos of your sponsored cat from time to time.

All of the cats listed below are available for sponsorship.

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Olive Oyl was found as a tiny kitten walking down a sidewalk all by herself, covered in fleas. Since she was too young for traditional flea treatment, her rescuer covered her with olive oil to drown the fleas. It worked. Olive Oyl is the most adventurous and independent of our cats. We call her Houdini Cat because she has figured out a way to escape from our cat-proof fence.

Oscar was a stray who took up residence outside our sanctuary and cried to be let in. He meowed and “chirped” continuously to the cats he saw inside the fence as if he were telling them what a nice guy he was and how good a friend he would be if he could just join them. We let him. He tested positive for FIV, and he is now happy, healthy and living with the other FIV+ cats in Nelson's Cabin. Oscar is sponsored by The Casual Cat Cafe.

Lily is a young cat who was living in a feral colony behind a restaurant where we were doing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). While she was recovering from her spay surgery, we noticed something wrong with her eye. We took her to a vet who said the eye had ruptured and needed to be removed. We went ahead with the surgery and now she is a permanent resident of Mollie’s Cat Place. She tested positive for FIV, so she lives with our other FIV+ cats in Nelson's Cabin. She is still feral, but she has made a lot of progress. She will not let us touch her yet, but she will eat from my hand. We hope that in time she will come to enjoy our presence.

Charlie was rescued from a shelter where he was on the euthanasia list because he tested positive for FeLV. He is a beautiful, healthy, long haired Maine Coon, and is one of our largest cats. He is not a lap cat, but likes to sit next to us on the couch and be scratched, but just for a few minutes. Then he will jump down and be on his way. Charlie is friendliest when he is outside; then he rubs against our legs and gives head-buts to get us to pet him.

Stanley was rescued from a shelter where he was on the euthanasia list because he tested positive for FIV. He is a big, talkative, super-friendly cat, and loves all the attention he can get. He has an unusual pigmentation in his right eye which makes him appear to be blind in that eye, but his sight is normal. He has a habit of lying with his back legs splayed out behind him.

Tabitha is about as endearing a cat as you will ever meet. She “chirps” and meows softly whenever a human is around, and she loves to cuddle in your lap and bury her face in the crook of your arm. She was a stray who was living outside and being fed by a caretaker. She came to Mollie’s Cat Place when her caretaker had to move and there was no one available to take over her feeding.

Lewis is a big love-bug. Don’t sit down is his presence if you don’t want him in your lap. He is one of our largest cats, and he does tend to pick fights with certain other cats from time to time. He lived in the house with us for a while, but his continued spraying has relegated him to our large cat cabin. Lewis was discovered in front of a restaurant getting ready to run out into a busy street where his companion, a log-haired black cat, had just been hit by car. Unfortunately his companion was killed, but we were able to trap Lewis and bring him to Mollie’s Cat Place where he became a permanent member of our cat family.

Bogey was rescued from the euthanasia list at a local shelter where he tested positive for FIV. He is a beauty, with long, silky black fur, and a sort of broody look, which could be the reason the shelter volunteers named him Bogey. He also thinks he is a lover. He has climbed the cat-proof fence on more than one occasion and stayed out in the woods for several days with his “girlfriend”. When he came back the last time he was exhausted, and I didn’t have the heart to remind him he had been neutered right after we adopted him.

Gordon came to Mollie’s Cat Place from a failed foster situation. Gordon is a sweetie and would prefer to live in the house, but he is FIV positive and he lives in Nelson's Cabin with other FIV+ cats. He can be a little timid around some of the other cats, and we try to give him extra attention to help him over his apprehension.

We fostered Vera a few years ago, before the idea for Mollie’s Cat Place became a reality, and we loved her so much that we adopted her. She had been declawed, so she lives in the big house with us. She is laid back, sweet and docile, and she gets along with everybody. She likes to be held and stroked, and will give you a gentle “love bite” if you stop petting her.

Coal came from a cat colony living behind a fast food restaurant. We were doing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) when we discovered that Coal had already been neutered and was friendly. Instead of returning him to the outdoors, we took him home. Coal likes to get my attention by plopping himself down on the floor in front of me and rolling on his back. He particularly likes being carried around the house on my shoulder while being scratched behind the ears.

Ginger was a little back kitten who showed up at a convenience store right off of a busy highway. We trapped her and took her in. She grew up to be a gentle, if a somewhat timid, beautiful black cat. She likes to be scratched, but she still retains some of her wildness, and still does not like to be carried around. It is a challenge getting her in to the carrier to go to the vet for her annual shots.

Rosie was rescued from a high-kill shelter with her litter of 6 kittens. Her kittens were adopted, but as a black short haired cat with no unusual characteristics, she kept getting passed over for adoption in favor of more remarkable cats. After a few months at the shelter, we decided to take her into Mollie’s Cat Place. Rosie is an independent kitty, and she tends to ignore the other cats. She does like humans and loves being held. She is a vocal kitty, and she tells me often that she would rather live in the house with us than in Ginger's House with all of those pesky other cats.

Nelson is an opportunist. He loves wet food, and he will gobble his own food and then push the other cats away from their bowls so he can eat theirs. He will wait till he thinks I’m not watching and then grab a huge mouthful from another cat’s bowl before I can tell him “No”. With all he eats you would think he would be fat, but he is lean and healthy. Nelson does have problems with recurring urinary tract infections and takes medicine in his food, so that may be why he likes the other cats’ food better than his. He also has frequent gum inflammations that require cleaning under anesthesia. Nelson loves being outdoors: when I open the door of Nelson's Cabin in the morning he often runs full speed out into the woods and up the trunk of a tree.

Gray lived outside and was being fed regularly by a caretaker. When the caretaker moved away we took him in, along with his friend Emma. Gray is his own cat, he likes things his way. Sometimes he likes to be petted, and sometimes he does not. He has mellowed somewhat since he has come to live with us, but he can still be standoffish time to time. We recently found out that Gray is suffering from a dislocated hip and we are investigating options to make him more comfortable.

Casey is a big loveable orange and white kitty with a stub tail. When his owner passed away, her companion brought him to a local shelter where he was put in the back room because he was 15 years old and therefore they considered him only marginally adoptable. We rescued him and brought him to Mollie’s Cat Place, and what a wonderful cat he has turned out to be! Casey loves to sit in laps, and he will reach up and give you a kiss if you let him. Casey was very overweight and had a bad upper respiratory infection when we brought him home from the shelter. He has since recovered completely from his infection, and has also lost quite a bit of weight.

We found Heather in the grassy median strip of an 8 lane highway. When we approached she meowed but did not move. We picked her up gently and took her to our vet, who found she had a few abrasions, but nothing serious. We took her home and put her in a room by herself to recover. Although we checked shelters and put up signs, we were never able to locate her owner, and Heather is now a permanent resident of Mollie’s Cat Place. Heather is friendly but shy. She has claimed the "cat cubby" wall in Ginger's House as her own, and spends much of here time there..

Emmett came to us with his friend, Jacob, when their owner could no longer keep them due to unavoidable circumstances. He is a beautiful orange tabby, and at 16, he is one of our older cats. Emmitt is friendly and likes people, but he is not a lap cat. He may jump into your lap for a minute or two, but he will soon be on his way. Emmitt has a quiet voice and a very endearing meow, sounding almost like a low, scratchy moan. He likes to be outdoors and it is sometimes hard to get him to come inside in the evening, even with a “bribe” of wet food.

Borris is definitely a personality cat. He loves to talk, and has a wide vocabulary of me-ows, mrrree-ows, murrr-als, “chirps” and mrrrrp’s .Although he is supposed to live in Nelson's Cabin with the other FIV positive cats, he prefers the house. When we put him out in the cabin, he jumps the fence the first chance he gets and hangs around the door of our house until someone opens it enough for him to run inside. Borris is a love bug and will take a flying leap into your lap as soon as you sit down.

Samantha was trapped as a kitten when we were doing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) in a cat colony living behind a local restaurant. We had her spayed and vaccinated, but she seemed so timid and vulnerable that we hesitated to return her to her outdoor colony, fearing that she would be killed by a predator. So she became a permanent resident of Ginger's House at Mollie’s Cat Place. As she grew older she lost some of her timidity, but she is still feral and is afraid to let us get close to her. She is a beautiful medium haired brown and white tabby with an extra-long tail. She is in love with big handsome, friendly Lewis.

Jake is a feisty old guy; you can tell he’s been around for a while, and he has his own ideas about things. He is tall and lanky, and sometimes gives the other cats a hard time. We love him, but we never know quite what to expect from him. We rescued him from the shelter after he bit the nose of one of the volunteers. Later he bit my nose, and also the nose of our cat-sitter. It’s like a game with him, and I’m not sure what he means by it. When you hold him, he will stretch out his neck like he wants to rub against your face, and then slowly and deliberately bite your nose. He definitely is a character. When he’s not biting noses, he likes to lie outside under a bush beneath his favorite tree.

At approximately 14, Emma is one of our older cats. She is a small black kitty who lived outside for her first 12 years and had many litters of kittens. When her caretaker moved away we took her in, along with her friend, Gray. She had lost all of her teeth before she came to us, but she has no problem eating dry food. Emma is timid, but if you get close to her she does appreciate being petted and scratched under her chin and around her ears. Emma loves treats. She will sit on a perch just inside the entrance to Ginger's House and stick out her paw to grab you as you go by in hopes you will give her a treat.

Jojo was trapped at an apartment complex that was being torn down. We suspect he had been abandoned by his owners when they were forced to move. He is friendly and likes to be petted but he is also quite independent. He was scheduled to go into an adoption program before he tested positive for FeLV. Jojo loves to be outside and roam the paths in the woods around Mikey’s Place. He is somewhat of a loner and will often give the other cats a bit of a hard time.

Bailey is a sweet silver tabby with striking green eyes. He tested a slight positive for FIV at the shelter, and because of that he was in danger. We believe he was probably vaccinated for FIV in the past, and that is the reason he tested positive. Bailey loves wet food, and he is always waiting on the porch railing right next to the screen door when it’s time for supper. He usually eats his food in a hurry so he can be ready to take over if someone else doesn’t finish theirs.

Raymond  is a handsome white Siamese mix with flame points. He is very feral, and will not let us get close to him. We do not usually accept feral cats, but since we already had Riley, ( a feral cat who showed up at our sanctuary and hung around until we took pity on him and let him inside the fence), we accepted Raymond as a companion for him. We assumed they would both live outside of Ginger’s House, taking shelter in the space underneath when the weather got bad. Riley has since passed away, and Raymond now lives in Ginger's House.

Rocky was a member of a colony of cats living at a boat club on a local lake. When the manager of the club insisted that the cats be relocated, we agreed to take to take Rocky, who is deaf, his companion Mac, and another cat Little Blacky, if the cats’ caretaker would sponsor them. Rocky was a little afraid of us in the beginning, but is now becoming friendlier.

We don’t know how old Mac is, but he appears to be an older gentleman (gentlecat?). He is friendly and likes to be petted, but he is often somewhat reserved and wants to be left alone to do his own thing. He was part of a colony of cats living next to a local lake on property owned by a boat club. All of the cats were relocated except for Mac and his two companions. When no home could be found for them, we agreed to take them in.

Blacky is afraid of us, but hopefully will come around with time. He is one of three cats who had been part a colony at a local lake. He spends most of his time in the upper level of Ginger’s House or in one of the cat cubbies where he can escape quickly if one of us comes near.

Jerico is an active, friendly, exuberant kitty.  When he is outside, he will often run at top speed across the yard and part way up a tree. We know very little about his past. His jaw is crooked and his upper left canine tooth protrudes slightly, so we assume he has been some sort of accident in the past .  He likes to playfully challenge the other cats from time to time, but most of them think he is trying to fight with them, and they fight back.

Big Red was trapped as a feral and taken to a local shelter. The shelter personnel couldn’t tell if he was a male or a female because he was so hostile he would not let them come near. We were pleasantly surprised when, after a few days with us, be began to let us pet him. Now he wants to come into the house! What a transformation.

Sophie was brought to a shelter by her owners, who told the shelter staff that she was 22 years old. She had a large tumor on her hind leg, a cyst on her back and several lumps in other areas of her body. We adopted her and brought her to our vet, who removed the tumor, cyst, and lumps. The tumor was diagnosed as a rare form of cancer, and we are monitoring her carefully for any signs of recurrence. In the meantime, she is doing well. She is lap cat, and prefers people over cats.

Before he came to us, Smudge was part of a feral cat colony. When the colony caretaker noticed that he was losing a lot of weight, she trapped him and took him to the vet, where he tested positive for both FIV and FeLV. To save him from euthanasia, we took him in. We have been treating him for blood parasites and anemia, and has gained two pounds in the past few months.