It’s here! Starting Monday September, 9 at 6 AM CDT, you can pre-schedule your donation for your favorite North Texas charities at North Texas Giving Day


North Texas Giving Day is the largest money raising event of the year for Mollie’s Cat Place. Last year we raised over $5000, and this year we’ve set our goal at $7000. 


North Texas Giving Day allows people to help the community by giving to the North Texas charities of their choice from one online location. This year the event takes place on September 19, but to make it easier for those of us who tend to forget, they are accepting donations starting days prior to the event.


Mollie's Cat Place is a lifetime sanctuary for older cats and cats with issues that make them hard to adopt, particularly feline aids (FIV) and feline leukemia (FeLV). Our cats are not caged; they live in our house or in specially constructed "cat cabins".


We believe it is important that cats be allowed to go outdoors and interact with their environment. One of our priorities is to maintain safe outdoor areas where cats can wander at will and enjoy their surroundings


Additional objectives of Mollie's Cat Place are to promote public acceptance of immune compromised cats as desirable pets, and to advocate for construction of safe indoor-outdoor environments for cats as opposed to keeping them totally indoors.