About Us

We started in 2007 with two pet cats and no intention of adopting any more.  We became concerned after noticing a group of cats living behind a local restaurant. When we tried to feed them we were asked by the restaurant manager not to do so, because then they “hung around” and had kittens in his shed and he had to call animal control to remove them. We investigated what could be done and eventually got involved in Trap-Neuter-Return. 

The spay/neuter clinic we used wanted us to sign a release allowing them to euthanize any cat that tested positive for FIV or FeLV. We objected to this, and after much discussion came to an agreement with them:  if a cat tested positive, they would perform the surgery only if we promised not to release the cat back into the outdoors.  Mollie’s Cat Place came into being when we brought home our first FIV+ cat, a grisly old sweetie with a collapsed ear whom we named Sam.  Over time, Sam became the elder statesman of our cat clan, breaking up fights by standing between the two combatants, and jumping in to defend our other cats if a strange cat challenged one of them.


When our cat population grew too numerous to live comfortably in our house, we built a small cabin to house some of them in the woods behind our house and put up cat fencing to keep them protected. Eventually we built another larger cabin and added more fencing.


We had been taking in cats for quite some time before we finally decided to incorporate and apply for 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit charity. We received our confirmation letter from the IRS in July 2014.

Our story is told in detail in our  book “Mollie’s Cat Place”.